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A coffee a day keeps the poachers away

African specialty coffee - organic, fair, sustainable


Be the change you want to see - following our philosophy we are more than coffee - we are change!

We are funding ranger operations and reforestation activities with your love for coffee.

YOUR purchased product

funds ranger operations

and protects Kenya's wildlife!

What our Clients Say ?

Our story

During my participation in the Walk With Rangers in 2018 I had the following questions:

How can I generate a sustainable source of funding to achieve better planning security for this incredible organization ?

What can I sell that is linked to Africa, specifically Kenya, and the purpose of wildlife conservation?

What do people like, appreciate great quality and links to this purpose?

The answer is coffee!

Kenyan coffee is one of the best in the world.

Many people love coffee and it offers plenty of product varieties.

Single origin, organic coffee matches perfectly with the idea of wildlife conservation.

Enjoying high quality coffee while protecting Africa's wildlife - the idea of Ulinzi Conservation Coffee was born.

Our pledge

We give 50% of our profits and ownership to the Ulinzi Africa Foundation as a sign of long-term commitment.

Additionally, we collaborate with Seedballs Kenya on projects as a re-green partner planting 10 trees per sold coffee product.

East Africas 1st non-profit dedicated to ranger welfare, facilitation and empowerment with an aim to enhance wildlife protection.

Ulinzi Africa Foundation believes that the key to keeping the African elephant wild and thriving, is to safeguard not only the elephant itself, but also its habitat and roaming space.

Seedball Kenya's mission is to protect and restore endangered wildlife species globally by funding boots on the ground initiatives and well-informed charitable partners.

We act as re-green partner while the Africa Ulinzi Foundation acts as donor and distribution partner

Launched in Dec 2014 Pledge 1% is a global movement to create a new normal in which giving back is integrated into the DNA of companies of all sizes.

Pledge 1% encourages and challenges individuals and companies to Pledge 1% of equity, profit, product and/or employee time.

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