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Ulinzi Conservation Coffee

From idea to execution

Everything started with my first Walk with Rangers, a two week flagship activity where you get the chance to patrol with rangers and experience their daily life, in July 2018.
As huge fan of documentaries and at a certain point in time I wanted to do more than donating. In 2017 a friend of mine introducd me to Raabia and her Ulinzi Africa Foundation. I got a better understanding about her challenges running the foundation. One of them is to secure enough funding. Planning based on donations is difficult due to unpredictable amounts or timings of donations. After my second walk in July 2018 I had the idea to approach this challenge like a business. It took me some time what kind of business but in the beginning of 2019 I decided to go with the coffee idea. Without having any knowledge about coffee or contacts in Africa I had to learn a lot in the process. Long story short (more in our blog) I registered UCC in September 2019 and when you read this we are hopefully selling our first products! I learned that you don't need to know or to have an answer for everything as long as you are driven to find them, believe in yourself and your idea.
Thank you for making a difference with your love for coffee!

Why we do what we do

We are more than offee - we are change!

How it Works

The concept is simple, we share 50% of our profits with the Ulinzi Africa Foundation for wildlife conservation and reforestation projects. The Ulinzi Africa Foundation (UAF) empowers Africa's rangers to defend Africa's wildlife! The UAF has its own ranger unit in Tana River Delta. For every sold coffee bag we also plant 5 seedlings through Seedballs Kenya. For more details please read our blog to see which of the 2030 sustainable development goals we also want to contribute to.


A purpose and value driven partnership

Spring Valley Partnership

I am incredibly happy about this partnership as Ritesh (CEO of Spring Valley Coffee) is one of my first coffee contacts in Kenya. I originally contacted him due to his Cold Brew ‘Conc’ as my original business idea was about a cold-brew brand. We met in his Café in July 2019 talking about business and the motivation behind. The most important factor for me when working with people is sharing the same mindset and values. Our partnership with Spring Valley Coffee is more than a customer-supplier relationship. The video linked below shows how much value driven Ritesh is. We will have a co-branded product as part of Spring Valley’s product portfolio. It will be available in Ritesh’s Cafés, several supermarkets, cafés and hotels in Kenya. We are also preparing exports to other markets.


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