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Your Subscribtion

Never run out of our specialty coffee again!

    Always fresh - You regularly get freshly roasted coffee delivered directly to your home

    Cost advantage - 10% discount starting with your second order

    Full control - You will receive an invoice with checkout link no automatic billing  

    Flexible - You decide about the frequency, you can change it any time, no-notice cancellation

    You support wildife conservation & reforestation continuously!


    Once you set-up your coffee subscription you qualify for a 10% discount starting with your second order. The discount applies as long as you are subscribed.

    You can change, pause or cancel your subscription anytime.

    You enjoy the luxury of having your favourite coffee delivered regularly and conveniently to your home!

    As we have less cost for marketing and advertisement and a higher planning security we thought it is only fair to share this advantage with our customers in form of a discount.

    Everyone benefits, our customers, our rangers, our farmer, and us.

    No, you can cancel your subscription anytime, even after the first order! You are always in control.

    Of course we prefer to keep you as happy and satisfied customer - let us know how we can serve you better!

    No, there is no minimum order value!

    In case you want to order more than 1 bag of coffee we recommend you to bundle your orders to utilize the shipping costs more efficiently (order higher coffee amounts only less frequent).

    On our product pages you will always find the option to chose between one-time purchase or a subscription.

    The set-up is very easy. You will get automatic invoices you won't get automatically billed.

    Of course you can! We recommend you to bundle your orders to utilize the shipping costs more efficiently (order higher coffee amounts only less frequent).

    If you are a café owner, an entrepreneur or you want to order larger quantities for your office on a regular basis, you can also contact us personally.

    For order quantities above 10kg contact us directly because we can offer you a better solution.

    Payment options for the coffee subscription are the same as for a one-time purchase (i.e. credit card or PayPal).

    When setting up your subscription, you specify which payment method you would like to use. You pay for the first delivery directly with your order.

    You will always get an invoice for any following delivery

    As soon as you cancel or pause your subscription, the invoicing will of course be stopped.

    Yes, the moment we process your order, you will receive an invoice.

    For any future delivery you will get an automatic invoice by email including a checkout link.

    We are sorry but voucher discounts can't be combined with the subscription discount.

    But you can use it for one of our other products or to pay a gift subscription for a friend.

    All shipping infromation you will find here

    As we said, you are always in full control! You can easily and independently adjust your coffee subscription at any time after the 1st delivery.

    You can change not only the type or quantity of coffee you want, but also the delivery interval and the delivery address.

    Of course, you can also contact us directly if you have any questions or problems.

    You can pause your coffee subscription as well as individual coffees in your coffee subscription at any time.

    For example, if you are on holiday for a while or do not currently need coffee, you can easily interrupt your subscription.

    Once you are back and you feel like having fresh coffee, you can reactivate your subscription with just one click.

    You can cancel your coffee subscription without having to inform us at any time!

    For logistical reasons, the cancellation must be made at the latest the day before the next shipping date.

    If you wish, you can also pause the subscription. In contrast to a cancellation, the subscription you have set up is not completely deleted when you pause but can be restarted with one click if necessary.

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