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How does Kenyan

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How does Kenyan coffee taste?

How does Kenyan coffee taste?

Before we jump to the taste a short introduction to the bean classification. Coffee beans are basically classified according to size, the system is easy to understand:

AA is the top category, followed by the A and B. The peaberry (you remember - approximately 1-7% of every coffee crop are peaberry coffee beans which are comprised of one whole coffee bean rather than the typical two half-bean) is marked with PB. Although size is not necessarily indicative of the quality, during the selection bad beans ae sorted out, which is a major advantage regarding quality control.

Processing – Most Kenyan coffee (90%) is wet-processed before the beans are sun-dried and sent off from the farm. With the wet-processing method, this coffee ends up producing a cup that is cleaner, brighter and a little fruitier when compared to other processing methods (Source: Kenya International Coffee Organization). 

Kenyan beans are known for their balanced complexity and deep dimension. Depending on the bean varietal, tones range from black-currant berries to tart citrus.

Acidity - They typically offer a savory-sweet nuance that experts describe as fruity, lime to wine-like acidity.

Aroma – Kenyan coffee is also known for its pleasant aroma that is often characterized by notes of chocolate. Also, with this coffee, you can expect to get fresh floral aromas.

Body – creamy body

Finish - The aftertaste of a Kenya coffee may be quite dry with a lemony zest, or perhaps winey. 

Please watch out for our other blog posts dealing with topics such as the coffee taster flavor wheel, or the more detailed blog posts of the components of coffee taste like acidity, aroma, body, bitterness, sweetness the mouthfeel or the aftertaste. Also, worth reading are our blog post of "Fruity coffees" or "Learning to taste coffee".

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